FL Chapter 0 – 0

AN: This Chapter is only content about the world settings.

Chapter 0 Р0    World Setting Part 1

This novel had a fantasy setting and a little bit of science knowledge. Which means that this world is the world that relied on sword and magic. Although there had a science knowledge in this world, it still not currently applied.

This world was called Regandra, A world of swords and magic. There were many type of inhabitants varied from their very first goddess.

Let’s talk about the Goddess first.

Before the existence of the Goddess, this world only a lump of mass. Which this mass then attract each other and transform into a new world. Yet it still undeveloped. It was deserted that it doesn’t even have life exist in this world.

The First Goddess, Aurua. The Supreme Goddess. She the very first goddess that rule this world. Because the world still doesn’t developed, she decided to use quarter of her power to created a lump of purest mana and let it resides in the center of the world. This made the world blooming. From the first very first existence of <Dragon Vein>, the world blooms even further which rich the world atmospheres which a flowing mana. This resulting the existence of living beings m

After that, she used quarter of her power to created the very first fantasy creature; Dragon. As her servant, they devout to her and develop even more onto a next stage.

But soon the problem arise. The ranking system. The Dragons was a pride creature, so they would often tempt to became a ruler. The Goddess known that, used all unused power to created <Game System>. All inhabitant (Currently it was the dragon) would be judge with the leveling system to reduce the chaos from happening. This result the peace within dragons.

Because she used all her power, she could no longer to retain her consciousness which resulting the very existence of the Goddess itself gone deep slumber. Before she gone to sleep, she attach one of the <Dragon Vein> onto her body. This resulting the birth of the <World Tree>. <World Tree> exist as record of the existence of this first goddess and would serve as counter balance of the overflowing mana in the world.

The Dragons, which knows the existence of the <World Tree> decide to keep intact and live near the mountain range of Burdov, 315 km of the north of <World Tree>. Because the goddess they serve was in deep slumber, they bored and decide to roaming around the world and collecting various info of this world. At this stage, they stand as the top chain of nature.

Still at this time, the world was not ruled by god. Until 300 years after the birth of the <World Tree>, there was two Goddess come to this world. It was Shia <Goddess of Light> and Aryl <Goddess of Darkness>. Both of them ruled the world and start to create a new life.

Shia <Goddess of Light>, by taking the mana in this world, she creates pair of <Humas> the human of this world. She made <Humas> as a versatile being and able to hold any mana attribute. And also she create other being by combining <Humas> with any mana attribute. <Elf> as result of combining <Humas> with <Forest-Wind-Attribute>, <Dwarf> create from combining <Humas> and <Mountain-Earth-Attribute>, <Beastman> was formed from <Humas> and <Beast-Zero-Attribute>, <Humas> combine with <Sea-Water-Attribute> would born as <Mermaid>.

Aryl <Goddess of Darkness> who was her twin sister jealous of her capability of creating a beautiful creature. That’s why she tried creating her own creature. She construct a body which similar to human body except that she filled the body with mana. But she makes some mistake, which she accidentally corrupt some of the mana with her mana resulting <Miasma> dwell inside that body. Because of that, a new race that similar to <Humas> yet had a clear differential. All beings start to refer this race as <Devil> because of their miasma causing beings who lives near them become a monster. Due to that however, she create another race ignoring the risk like the <Devil> race. By combining the knowledge she gains, she creates the <Soul Gem> to store the <Miasma> inside the body.

As she done creates the <Soul Gem>, she create the <Vampire> race using her expertise as reference. From the <Vampire>, she using corpse and placed the <Soul Gem> within the body; resulting a new race <Undead>. She also modified the <Soul Gem> to have their own personality, which result the new race <Spirit>.

She still not satisfied with her own result. Because of that, she continue to create her own creature. She created <Werebeast> by imitating the <Beastman>. She created <Shade> by imitating the <Humas> and by imitating the <Elf>, she create <Dark Elf>. She still not yet satisfied, and due to her greed and jealousy to surpassed her sister, she also create the most nefarious race by compression of pure <Miasma>; the <Great Devil King>.

Although the <Great Devil King> was not a productive race, their race was stronger than the <Vampire> itself. And it’s characteristic which release a pure <Miasma> from their body create a medium and high-ranking monsters. This result chaos sprout within the world.

Both of the Goddess startled. They were totally caught off guard especially Aryl <Goddess of Darkness>. She thought that due to its race was created from her would completely subdued their will to her so she let her guard down. Yet although it was unexpected Shia <Goddes of Light> created a blessing and bless the creature of the world. By receiving the blessing from Shia <Goddess of Light>, they would received the title <Hero> which can countered the <Great Devil King>.

Thus the very first <Hero> was born.

The <First Hero> Argonaut.

Legendary said that Argonaut was a farmer who dreams to do great thing. But dreams is not reality. Knows the fact crushed him from achieving his dream. While only dreaming about this dream, he diligently continuing his job as a farmer. But one day, he kill <Goblin Army> from attacking his village; to be accurate saving his childhood friends from the monsters. This resulting him getting the title <Hero> but that’s not all. Due to his courageous act and he was the first hero, he got that title change from <Hero> to <First Hero>; the one who leads the future.

Realizing he was the <First Hero> and the fact that it was destined that he had to slay the <Great Devil King>, he ventured through the world while starting to get new companion.

When they arrived at <Great Devil King> Castle, it only took a moment for them to massacred the monsters that guarding the castle. After they done killing all of them, they entered the castle. It was a mistake; it was a trap. One by one all of his companion fall not by monster, but the trap inside the castle. Their will start to plummeted and as the planned, <Great Devil King> meets them personally. Having realized that if they attacked him head on, they would all die. They all combine their power to match him, and overpowered the <Great Devil King>. It was all for nothing, as one by one was killed slowly.

Argonaut <First Hero> realized the fact that all his companion would getting killed in front of him but all of that was part of their plan. Yet still inside his heart, he can’t accept it. And by chance when his childhood friend Kayano who followed him in this journey was about to get killed, his heart scream.

‘I would absolutely not let you die, Kayano!’

He move instantly between the <Great Devil King> and Kayano. He moved instantly between them initially replacing Kayano’s death. By a split second, although he was almost killed, the miracles happen. Due to him replacing the death of other by his own will, he was recognized as a hero that doesn’t feared death. The title changed to <True Hero> which completely resist all of the lethal damage from <Great Devil King>.

They both fight last for hours. But it was completely arrived on the ultimate answer; Argonaut’s won the fight.

That was the legend of the first and true hero, Argonaut. Shia <Goddess of Light> and Aryl <Goddess of Darkness> congratulates the hero for successfully subdued the <Great Devil King>.

The <Hero> and <Great Devil King> would fight continuously by generations. But not on the mortal world also occurs the fight; it happen as well between this twin goddess. Aryl who jealousy had reach on her highest peak start to fight her sister. Unexpected, Shia always prepared this day onward. That’s why for a thousand years, they fight restless. By the end of their fight, they exhausted all of their cards. But this still not erased Aryl’s jealousy which resulting her taking risk by sacrificing half of the remaining power she had and created the most annoying curse. Shia who shocked by the extremeness of her twin sister’s jealousy and lead her to curse the mortal being which caught off her guard; despaired her.

She want to repent this mistake, so using her remaining half life; she create a powerful blessing that can even surpassed the blessing of <Hero>. The curse and the bless reside on the very first person, Ayano <Great Empress>.

The curse, <Level 1 Forever>.

The bless, <Gamer>.

This both curse and bless that resides on the same person, created a great result as both of it resonance within the very same person. But by generation passed, both of it split and separated from another. The curse and the bless had a great resonance which made a perfect combination to make a strongest person but by time, the world forgotten and only fear the curse as something evil and nefarious wicked will of the <Goddess of Darkness>.

However, those end on this newborn, who had the same name as the <First Hero> although completely different person, Argo. He who received those curse and blessing at the same time will trample the common sense of this world and completely subdued it to his own hand.


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